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  • Ex-offenders have it M.A.D.E.: Local leaders build returning citizen support

    He went down in a hail of gunfire. At 21, Leon Wilson’s life as a flashy drug dealer and partier, who’d just bought champagne from a Saginaw Street market, appeared near its end. He bled from his head and back, wounded by masked men in a drive-by. Two weeks later

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  • MADE Hope House

    Help us raise money for the MADE Hope House, a transitional house in Flint dedicated to helping Muslim converts from prison. Help support ex-offender Muslim converts re-entry into society through the Community Residential Reentry Program or EPIK (Empowering People through Innovation and Knowledge), a program providing short/medium-term housing, employment readiness

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  • Youth in the system: Why juvenile justice needs reform

    “Commit an adult crime, do adult time.” It sounds logical and even just, but it has produced many unintended and devastating consequences. Namely, a juvenile justice system that has harmed far more people than it has helped. And at enormous cost to society—both economically and through its failure to provide

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