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  • An End to Police Brutality

    The M.A.D.E Institute strongly condemns and calls for justice for many killings of black! Africans in America at the hands of police. Police departments across America have always been the first layer of “Oppression for blacks in this country. Every generation of black have had to deal with overt terrorism

  • MCC, Prosecutor’s office and Judge Yuile

    Create Alternate Path to Incarceration The Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office, Judge Richard Yuille of the 7th Judicial Circuit Court and Mott Community College (MCC) have developed the Genesee County Community College Court Diversion Program (GC4DP) to give those charged with a first-time felony an alternate path in place of incarceration.

  • For Flint Film

    Flint is suffering from a stagnant economy, dizzying crime rate, and a water crisis that has captivated a nation. To say that Flint has been hit with hard times would be a vast understatement. But the city’s resiliency is emblematic of the can-do spirit of its residents. This is “For

  • Thank You M.A.D.E Board Memebers

    All of M.A.D.E’s Board members work hard, for two to three years stint, for free. As the CEO & Founder of M.A.D.E Institute I am truly humbled and very grateful to be working with such committed and passionate board members who have sacrificed their time and given generously in the

  • Entrepreneur program to offer training, microloans to 50 ex-inmates in Detroit

    The federal agency tasked with helping small-business owners opted last year to make it easier for convicted felons to take part in its microloan lending program, a rule change that will open new options for former prisoners previously excluded from such financing. That decision by the U.S. Small Business Administration