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  • Genusee getting ready for first order of glasses made from water bottles.

    Genusee, which was featured on ABC World News Tonight in May, has set up shop in Flint to manufacture the eyeglasses with hopes of growing more in the future. The company is the vision of Ali Rose VanOverbeke. Her dream of producing glasses made in Flint from the same water

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  • Safe & Just Michigan’s Annual Meeting focuses on moving hearts and minds

    Solving the problem of how to get more people to get on board with criminal justice reform was the theme of the night at Safe & Just Michigan’s Annual Membership Meeting and dinner, held Thursday, Oct. 18 at the Radisson Hotel in Lansing. The event, attended by nearly 200 people,

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  • Juvenile lifer may be paroled after getting new sentence

    FLINT, MI – A man sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1992 may be getting out of prison soon after he was resentenced Monday as part of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that deemed mandatory jail terms for juveniles unconstitutional. Eddie D. Spiller was 17 in 1992 when

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  • Man exonerated in 2001 Detroit double homicide

    Detroit — After spending 17 years in prison for a double murder he says he didn’t commit, Mubarez Ahmed was exonerated Friday when a judge dismissed the case against him. Judge Timothy Kenny of Wayne County Circuit Court acted at the request of county prosecutors, drawing applause from Ahmed’s family, friends and a team

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  • Gun violence has ripple effect in mid-Michigan

    A new John Hopkins University study says gun-related injuries send 8,300 kids to emergency room each year nationwide. Advocates in mid-Michigan say they can see those effects here. Flint licensed professional counselor, Shuntai Walker, from Re-Connect My Life, says gun violence hurts the entire community, even those who were not

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