• Flint activist reflects on gun violence in his community

    As people across the country continue to wrap their heads around this weekend’s mass shootings, advocates are raising awareness to gun violence in their own communities. 2019 year to date statistics from the Michigan State Police Major Crimes Unit shows so far 16 people died from shootings in the city

  • We’re old news, but we’re still living this’ — mistrust still flows in Flint

    Flint, Mich. — An outsider walking through neighborhoods on this city’s north side might not see much to feel optimistic about. On block after block, houses stand abandoned and burned out. Weed-choked empty parcels dot the streetscape. Schools and churches are boarded up. But neighborhood leaders like Leon El-Alamin and

  • Social Impact Fund

    Health doesn’t begin at the doctor’s office. When people don’t have stable homes, nutritious food, good schools or clean air and water, their health suffers. The differences among neighborhoods can be dramatic: The life expectancy of two people living just a few miles apart can differ by as much as

  • Rep. Dan Kildee

    Say’s: The MADE Institute betters our community by working with at-risk-youth and returning citizens, helping them get good-paying jobs and re-enter the community. I’m so grateful for their work and commitment to our city.

  • Leon’s journey: From drug dealer to community leader – Thrive Global

    At 18, Leon Wilson was getting quite a reputation for selling cocaine in the Pierson neighborhood on the North Side of Flint, Michigan. His name started ringing through the streets, eventually reaching Leon Parks. His dad. Father and son hadn’t seen each other in about six years. When they reunited,

  • M.A.D.E Institute hoping to build female transitional house in Flint

    The communities that they may have once have destroyed, the individuals are now coming back to be a part of the rebuilding stage of it,” Leon El-Alamin said. He’s the creator and Executive Director of the M.A.D.E. Institute in Flint, an organization that helps transition people from prison back into

  • Life after near death:

    Life after near death: Drug dealer to paralegal FLINT, Mich. – Artist Relford, 43, is the right side of the law. He is a paralegal, author, motivational speaker, and caterer. The lifestyle of the Flint native is worlds away from his troubled youth and early adulthood. “I probably could have

  • Formerly incarcerated man appointed to state commission

    by: Ashley Graham Posted: May 26, 2019 / 10:36 PM EDT / Updated: May 26, 2019 / 10:36 PM EDT This is a full-circle moment for Hakim Crampton. He’s spent more than a decade living and working in the same community he grew up in before he was imprisoned in the 1990s. And now

  • Former inmates encounter challenges

    FLINT, Mich. – André Wallace, 35, was 14 years old the first time he was locked up. The Flint man said the American dream felt out of reach. “America just wasn’t showing me, growing up, that there was a better life out there than what I was already experiencing. I

  • Organizations look for answers on reducing gun violence in Flint

    FLINT (WJRT) (5/13/2019) – There’s a call to action to build a safer future for one major mid-Michigan city. Several organizers are working tonight to reduce gun violence in Flint. They are looking at ways the community can take steps forward to stop another senseless death. “So, it is almost like