Ex-offenders have it M.A.D.E.: Local leaders build returning citizen support

He went down in a hail of gunfire.

At 21, Leon Wilson’s life as a flashy drug dealer and partier, who’d just bought champagne from a Saginaw Street market, appeared near its end. He bled from his head and back, wounded by masked men in a drive-by.

Two weeks later Wilson woke from a coma with another chance to choose his fate. The near-death encounter was one factor that nudged him toward the transformation he now encourages for ex-offenders in the M.A.D.E. Institute he established last year. An acronym for Money, Attitude, Direction, Education, the name represents resources offered to community members with criminal histories, and the second chance many of them desire.

Known today as Leon El-Alamin, M.A.D.E.’s founder has walked their path.

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