Non Profit is remodeling house to give men just out of prison a fresh start

Flint, Mich. (WSMH) —
An old duplex on Parkway Street on Flint’s north side is getting a complete remodel thanks to the MADE Institute.
The group is a registered non-profit who helps men transition from a life behind bars, to a free man in the community.
The home will soon be able to house up to six men, with room left over for a kitchen, large meeting room, and a basement.
Founder Leon El-Amin says he remembers how tough it was when he got out of prison to reintegrate back into the community.
“We know what these guys are facing when they get out because we’ve already gone through it. We walk the path with them to help keep them moving in a positive direction. They will go through our program which will teach them job skills, financial awareness, skilled trades, and we will offer them mentoring,” El-Amin says.
The remodel of the home was made possible through a grant from the Mott Foundation.
To learn more on how you can help the MADE Institute with donations of money or furniture, click here.

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